Manual clamping system ICS Zeroline

Manual clamping systems for wire EDM

The manual clamping system ICS Zeroline for wire EDM
is designed for fast, easy and universal use directly on the machine table at the zeroline. ICS Zeroline can be mounted and set up very quickly and can be reconfigured or dismantled just as easily and quickly, regardless of whether it is designed as a clamping support, levelling head or clamping bar.
With the adapter elements the entire range of ICS and Unimatic clamping elements can be used for direct table mounting.

Manual clamping system ICS Zeroline - Your Advantages:

  Flexible and rigid systems
Clamping system ICS Standard
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  Machine independent
  Modular system
  Reduces set-up times
  Collision-free mounting of the workpieces in horizontal and vertical position

Axial and radial adjustment of the workpieces in the cutting zone




RoFlex - the new clamping system for WEDM

For rugged and stable manual clamping

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Benefit from all advantages of ICS Zeroline!

ICS clamping elements for holding small items

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